NGS Bioinformatics Workshop

The workshop shop will be conducted on Nov 1st, 2nd and 3rd from 1:30 - 4:30 pm.

We plan to have space for 30 participants per day at the workshop.

Who should attend the workshop

Individuals holding a postgraduate training (M. Sc./Ph.D.) in molecular biology, bioinformatics or a related discipline and interest in next generation sequencing data analysis will benefit from the course. Students enrolled in a postgraduate training (M. Sc./Ph.D.) program who have completed basic molecular biology and have hands on exposure to DNA/Protein sequence data (eg: using clustal W, blast etc) are likely to find the course useful.

Course is tailored to accommodate molecular biologists with minimal bioinformatics knowledge (eg: knowledge of sequence alignment programs like clustal W, blast2seq etc) and also individuals with in-depth bioinformatics expertise interested in analyzing next gen sequence data.

Molecular Biologist seeking to gain next gen sequencing data domain knowledge will benefit from this workshop and they should be able to interact with bioinformaticians analyzing next generation sequencing data to ask the right questions and understand the analyzed data

Individuals with bioinformatics training will besides getting an overview of data generation and type of data obtained from Illumina and 454 will get a hands-on experience with assessing the sequence data quality and also perform hands on analysis of nextgen data. An overview of the program available for analysis in the public domain will also be provided

Optional pre-workshop session: An optional session prior to the workshop will provide a refresher on the molecular biology basics and cover basic commands need to run programs unix/linux terminal.

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