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3. Change of User Information:

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We have the following security procedures and software in place to ensure that your personal information is kept confidential:

  1. 1. All user information is restricted to our server and accessible by persons authorized to do so in order to provide services to user.
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sgrfconferences may disclose the personally identifiable information only in the following circumstances:

  • Express authorisation of the user to do so,
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  • However, sgrfconferences may share aggregated statistical information about the use of the Web site with partners and associates of sgrfconferences for the purpose of research and analysis. Even in these cases, sgrfconferences will strive to protect the individual users' personally identifiable information.

  • sgrfconferences may be required to disclose the user’s personally identifiable information when the law requires it, or in response to any demand by law enforcement authorities in connection with a criminal investigation, or civil or administrative authorities in connection with a pending civil case or administrative investigation.

4. Disclaimer:

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Refund and Cancellation Policy:

SciGenom conferences reserves the right to cancel/refund a registration. Please send your cancellation request to

  1. Cancellations will be accepted in writing only.
  2. All cancellation/refund requests must be made by the attendee or credit card holder.
  3. Cancellation/Refund requests must include the name of the attendee and/or transaction number.

Art meets Science

Striking artistic images often contain logical underpinnings, and the human psyche has evolved to be attracted to patterns such as those based on the Fibonacci sequence / the golden ratio first described by Indian mathematicians (

At the 2014 NGBT conference, we celebrate three artists whose work inspires us as scientists and invite you to witness the harmonious patterns embodied in their art. Multiple works from this triptych of gifted creatives will be on display for the duration of the conference.


Art Resume

Trained in Art with a Masters degree in Psychology, Gita has been part of many exhibitions since early 90’s. She has been consistently showcasing her works in India and abroad, apart from doing commissioned projects for corporate. Gita's works are semi-abstract with the suggestion of a female form, architecture, musical instruments, or some combination of these elements. They simultaneously explore color, texture, line and form, not as juxtapositions or layers but as integral to one another.

Solo exhibitions (selected)

Prakrit Art Gallery – Chennai 2014
Lalit Kala Akademi – Chennai 2013
Prakrit Art Gallery, Chennai 2012
Vinyasa Art Gallery 2012
Bharat Bhavan Bhopal 2011
Promanade Art Gallery Pondichery 2010
Shrishti Art Gallery, Hyderabad 2008
Vinyasa Art Gallery, Chennai 2008
British Council, Chennai 2007
Nehru Centre, London, England 2006
Lalit Kala Akademi Chennai 2005
Russian Cultural Centre, Chennai 2001
Durban Art Gallery, South Africa 1999

Group exhibitions (selected))

Vinyasa Art Gallery – Chennai 2014
Arpana Caur Gallery - New Delhi 2013
Sri Parvathy, Chennai 2011
Manit Campus, Bhopal 2010
Cholamandal Artists Village, Chennai 2010
Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai - 2009
Sara Arakkal Gallery, Bangalore 2009
Gallery Espace, New Delhi 2009
Gallery Space, Hyderabad 2009
Lalit Kala Akademi, Chennai 2008
Apparao Galleries, Chennai 2008
Kala Kendra, Auroville 2008


Commissioned work

Wipro, Larsen & Toubro, Apollo Hospitals, US Consulate, Hexaware Technologies, Le Meridian, CITIBANK, Caritor, Tidel Park, Sathyam Infoway and for various private collectors around the world.


Gita began making short documentary films in 2005. She regards film-making as an extension of fine arts, which is also their subject matter. Her films are either about the work of Indian artists working here or abroad, or about foreign artists working and finding their inspiration in India. Three of Gita’s films document artists’ camps.

Films directed - title/artist

Red Symphony - Achuthan Kudallur 2005
Moonlighting - Prafulla Mohanti 2006
Garden of Adam - Adam Khan 2006
Echoes of Freedom - RB Bhaskaran 2006
Oceanside - Ka.Ty Deslandes 2007
Synergy Six - Six Women Artists 2007
Cosmic Blue - Chantal Gowa 2008
With laxma Goud - Artists camp 2009
Confluence - Artists camp Rishikesh 2009
Fluid Bronze - Elanchezhiyan 2009
Sthapathy’s Mangai - Vidya Sankar Sthapathy 2009
Honeyline of Kurumba – Tribal artist Kitna 2011
Deskilling of Art - Banner Artists 2011
Dreamline - Narendra Babu 2011
Perumal’s People - P.Perumal 2012
Firstlight – M. Suriyamoorthy 2013
The Gond Narrative - Gond Artist 2013
Quest in Solitude - Yusuf Arakkal 2014
Golden Flute – Alphonso Aruldoss 2014

Films screened at DIAF,-Delhi, Nehru Centre and Noble Sage gallery- London, British Council, Alliance Françoise- Chennai, Bharath Bhavan ,-Bhopal, Bharat Nivas- Auroville, Smithsonian Museum-Washington DC, JDCA –Orissa, Lalit Kala Akademi –Delhi & Chennai and in many private galleries


Diploma & Post Diploma in Painting (1984)
Govt. College of Arts & Crafts, Madras -3


Group show at chitra kala parisid-Bangalore 2007&2008
One Individual show at ayya art gallary,thennai-2007
Art Festival Chennai — 2001
(Memory of Mr. S. Dhanapal Sculpture)
Group Show Madras L.K.A.— 1998
Human Form and Art, Madras L.K.A — 1997
Madras — An EMOTION — Values Gallery — 1996
Group Show — Madras — Easel Gallery — 1995
Natures Environment Exhibition — 1989, NEW DELHI
Participated in Bangladesh Biennale Exhibition — 1989
Group Show — Saga Art Gallery Madras — 1988
One Man Show at Madras Sakshi Gallery— 1988
One Individual show — Vidyapeeth, Banasthali — 1982
One Group Show —Jaipur Lalit Kala Akademi — 1982
Indian Drawing Biennale, Chandigarh- 1982

Art Fusion Nehru Centre Mumbai-2009


Andhra Akedemi Artists Camp— 1996
Hastha Shilpa Artists Camp — Manipal — 1995
L.K.A. Graphic Camp, Bangalore — 1992
Participated in 3rd All India State Designers Camp— 1986 NASIK,
Participated in Exhibitions conducted by the Commissioner, Art & Culture, Madras,
South Zone Cultural Centre, Thanjavur,
Artist's Camp, Kumbakonam — 1985
Workshop on Conservation of Oil Paintings conducted by
the National Museum, New Delhi — 1985
Association of Young Painters and Sculptures Camp, Madras — 1984-85
Participated in Graphic Workshop conducted by U.S.I.S. with
Prof. Paul Lingren, Madras — 1984
Artist Camp Dakshina Chitra Chennai-2009
Participated in National Painters Camp at Jaipur -2012 [orgainsed by LKA New Delhi]


48th National Academy Award , Mumbai — 2005
5th All India Drawing Exhibitions, Gulberga
IFS Award — 1995
Andhra Akademi of Fine Arts — 1992
1st Prize in Monsoon Art Show, Bombay — 1988
Tamil Nadu Nunkali Kuzu Award - 1988
International Airports Authority of India Award — 1987
TIAS All India Art Exhibition — 1987
State Youth Award — 1986
AIFACS Drawing Exhibition— 1986


Modern Art Gallery — New Delhi
Punjab University — Chandigarh
Madras Museum — Chennai
Bharat Bhavan — Bhopal
Hasthasilpa — Manipal
Art heritage — New Delhi
[alit Kala Akademi — New Delhi


# 4, Thirivalluvar Street, M.G.R. Nagar,
Near Infant Jesus School,
Orikkai Post, KANCHEEPURAM — 631 501
Tamil Nadu State, India
Phone: 044-27239877
Cell: 09445335231




Renowned artist and social activist Veerasanthanam’s paintings also aim to preserve and communicate with the past, in contemporary times. His paintings depict stories from mythology, traditional art forms and murals from our temples. His art tends to balance the trends in changing generations, and allows present generation to comprehend their origins and history.

Profile : Veerasanthanam

Born in 1947, Veerasanthanam obtained his Diploma in Fine Arts from the Govt. College of Arts and Crafts, Kumbakonam in 1971 and a Post-diploma in Industrial Design (Textiles) from the Govt. College of Arts and Crafts, Chennai. He is also trained in Fresco painting from Rajasthan.

Santhanam has participated in many major shows since 1968 including national exhibitions held at Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, New Delhi, and Kerala. He has attended the prestigious camp sponsored by Prof. Paul Lingeran of San Diego State College, California, USA. Santhanam won various awards which include All India Industrial Exhibition, Chennai (1997), the National Award for Master Craftsman in printing (1988), an award in the Wild Life Photographic and Painting Competition (1975) and Art Exhibition of Ovia Nunkalai Kuzhu, Tamilnadu (1981).

His art has won him the President of India Award in 1990.

A monograph on Santhanam titled Mukilin Meethu Neruppu was published in 1988. He has played the lead role in the film Sandhya Ragham (1990) directed by the eminent director Balu Mahendra. His works are in the collections of Lalit Kala Akademi- New Delhi, Chitra Kala Parishad- Bangalore, Chithra Art Gallery- Thiruvanathapuram, Karnataka Museum- Bangalore, the Govt. Museum -Chennai, Manipur Museum, Boopankar Museum, Gharat Bhavan - Bhopal, National Gallery of Modern Art- New Delhi, South Zone Cultural Centre and Lalit Kala Academy Regional Centre- Chennai and State Lalit Kala Academy, Bangalore.

Santharam participated in the group show representing South Indian Masters at Gnani Arts and one – man show at Utterly Art in Singapore.


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