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Art Meets Science Exhibition

In his book “The Laws of Simplicity” John Maeda, a MIT graduate in computer science and arts, makes the case that scientists need art and artists in their professional lives for successfully invent and innovate. At the 2014 NGBT meeting, Ms Gita, Artist and Curator, feature work from her studio and her colleagues.

At the 2015 NGBT meeting Ms Atiya Amjad, write and curator, will present work from multiple artists.

Atiya Amjad Born 1966 in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Atiya Amjad completed her MA in English Literature and initiated her journalistic career in 1993. Although, in the position of senior sub-editor she focused her writings on art. In the March of 1998 she curated her first show. The same year she was invited by the then, Director of the Alliance Francaise de Hyderabad to promote French and Indian art. A columnist with the Times of India and later with the Hindu, she established the Daira Centre for Arts and Culture with her sister and partner, Atika Amjad, in October 2001. She worked with the illustrated artist, Late MF Husain as curator of the Cinema Ghar: Museum of Art and Cinema, Hyderabad. She established Disha: School of Art and Appreciation at her gallery. Travelled briefly to the US and worked at the Polo Alto Art Museum, San Francisco – 2007. After her return, she founded Quilt 365, a graphic/communication design firm in 2010, which is a design boutique for prestigious Clients. The same year she established The Children’s Fine Art Gallery, a dedicated art space for children at her gallery, Daira Centre for Arts and Culture.

Objective as Curator: “As a curator my purpose is to demystify the redundancy created by hype. A work of art is all about seeing, experiencing and learning the context of its existence. The agenda of a curator should be to reduce the distance between art and its audience.

Objective as Writer: As a writer my attempt has always been to facilitate the understanding of art. My writings focus on cues to decode the challenges created by the artist. Therefore, I believe, an art writer is an essential bridge between a work of art/artist and the spectator.


  • Radhika Prathipati About the Artist: Born in 1974 , Gudiwada, Radhika Prathipati is a graduate in Math and Computer Science. She learnt classical dance at a young age. As far as painting and drawing are concerned, her childhood doodling and self practiced carried forward her interest in the plastic arts. She mounted her first solo exhibition at Lakshana Art Gallery and participated in several group shows in Hyderabad and Calcutta. She lives and works in Hyderabad.

    Artist Statement: “The essence of a pure mind and emotional positivity, I believe, transcends the persona to a higher level of existence...but amidst the daily conflicts that time throws, retaining purity is the challenge. The realisation and understanding of the self stems from the constant connection with the forms on my canvas which keeps me connected with my higher self. I disregard the physical disparities of the forms in my work as my concern is only the eternal ethereal self”
  • Thota Laxminarayana About the Artist: Born 1973, Nirmal, Adilabad District, Telangana. Tutored under Guruji-Shri Ravinder Sharma (a revered name in the art and design schools of the country), Thota Laxminarayana brings in native charm of folk art into contemporary style. He participated in several group shows in India. He was invited by the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, for a short residency. He works as a Resident Artist at Daira Centre for Arts and Culture. He lives and works in Hyderabad.

    Artist Statement: “In my own stylised vocabulary which is rooted deeply in the Indian folk tradition, I experiment to contemporise the rural idiom. Without diluting the essence of my environment I captures cultural documentations in my works. The serene appearing folks in my paintings are executed in a rich matrix of lines. Although, portrayed in a vibrant palette, the colour scheme in my work is highly contemporary. My spectator never finds a dull moment, as each canvas is a social documentary of life. I also portray humans coexisting with the flora and fauna which are indicators of green lives living in harmony. But, lately, after my shift to the city, I depict the urban settlement with my rural sentiments”.
  • G Ramakrishna About the Artist: Born in 1976, Vijayanagaram of Andhra Pradesh, G Ramakrishna studied Fine Arts at the PSTU in Hyderabad and Master Degree IN the JNFAU, Hyderabad. He held two one man shows in Hyderabad and participated in innumerable group shows in India. Won several awards to his credit like the Silver Medal and Cash Awards from the Hyderabad Arts Society in 2002 & 2004. He lives and works in Hyderabad.

    Artist Statement: “My category of work is abstract. I try to challenge the spectator to gauge the source of inspiration that compelled me to paint what I paint. Jagged forms, jet in and out at different directions seeking the viewer’s attention. The mosaics hold secrets of landscapes that are inhabited by human forms. Hugely dense townships with clear lines of architectural ornamentation and small reliefs in the form of water bodies indicate my preoccupations, which earlier were idyllic and pastoral landscapes. When I came to the city what immediately caught my attention was the expanse of built up spaces of human dwellings”.
  • Tailor Srinivas About the Artist: Born 1974, Telangana State. Tailor Srinivas studied Fine Arts at the Hyderabad Central University, School of Fine Arts. He held more than five solo shows - Mumbai, Chandigrah and Hyderabad. He participated in several group shows in India. He received several awards like the 8th State Level Award from the PS Telugu University, Hyderabad. , He travels immensely across the Telangana. He lives and works in the Tekmal village of the Medak District, Telangana State.

    Artist Statement: "The human figure is the core of my work. To me, form is a canvas which provides me a distinct space to paint. I choose to paint rural life as this is more close to me. My works depict humans – man, woman, animals, trees, birds – nature at large”.
  • Natraj Saraf About the Artist: Born 1978. Natraj Saraf studied BFA from the J.N.T.U, college of fine arts, Hyderabad, 2012, and MFA from the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat, Bangaluru, 2015. He held four solo shows -Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai and Bangaluru. He participated in more than 30 group shows in India and abroad, including To Opt is to Commit, international show by the National Lalit Kala Acadami in CAIRO- 2008. He received the 38th Karnataka Lalit Kala Acadami Award, 2008. He is currently working as a faculty in the J.N.A.F.A.U and practice art in Hyderabad.

    Artist Statement: “My present works are about various groups of people who are in our midst with contrasting and overlapping ideas. They are indicatives of the everyday common people and their desires. I have adopted the narrative style which is satirical in nature. I am preoccupied by my social surrounding which surprises me with every day events and issues. I exaggerate their small dreams and desires in their own social milieu”.
  • Bolgum Nagesh Goud About the Artist: Born 1965, Hyderabad, Telangana State. Bolgum Nagesh Goud studied Fine Arts at the JNTU School of Arts and won the University Gold Medal in 1993. He has held more than 12 solo shows - Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and other places. He participated in 35 group shows across India, Singapore, Washington, New York and London. He received several awards such as the Lalitakala Academy Award and the Hyderabad Art Society Award. He lives and works in Hyderabad.

    Artist Statement: “I stylised my visual vocabulary based on the ancient Indian mythologies. Working out my content in various mediums - acrylics, watercolors, pen and ink, metallic inks, oil pastels etc., I attempt to revisit mythologies from distinct forms and treatments that reflect my vivid perception and understanding of managing human values. I enjoy working on my current puppet maker series, as these provide the line and stroke which I love so much in my work. My aspiration is to help my audience enjoy the light and beauty I attempt to achieve in my paintings”.
  • Masuram Ravi Kanth About the Artist: Born 1980, Masuram Ravi Kanth studied BFA at MMK collage of visual arts, Gulbarga and MFA at University of Hyderabad. He has won 21 awards from state and national child art competition (1986-1996), and has held nine solo exhibitions at Daira centre for Arts and Culture, Hyderabad, Kalakriti Art Gallery, Hyderabad, Studio Napean, Mumbai, Apparao Gallery, Chennai and others. He received scholarships from the Lalita Kala Akademi Bangalore (2001) and HRD Govt. of India (2003-05). He has also made five Documentary Films exploring the lives of artists. He lives and works in Hyderabad.
    Artist Statement: “I am passionate about painting, sculpture and installation art (audio-visual media, photographs). My works are based on photographs that are modified and superimposed to an extent that they cease to remain mere reflections of reality and become a form of expression. I transform the photograph into a personal dialogue, which is unique, crisp and allegorical in multiple perspectives”.
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