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Local Attractions: Historical


Hyderabad is almost synonymous with the Charminar. Built by Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah, the founder of Hyderabad, in 1591 at the centre of the original city layout. Charminar lies in its entire splendor in the middle of Lad-Bazaar – Hyderabad's famous bangle destination


Golconda is one of the most famous forts of India. The name comes from the Telugu words 'Golla Konda' meaning 'Shepherd's Hill'. Golconda was originally a mud fort, which was rebuilt by the first three Qutub Shahi kings over a period of 62 years. The fort is well known for its acoustics among other attractions like the palaces. The exclusive Sound & Light Showtakes you right back in time.


The tombs of the legendary Qutub Shahi kings are at a distance of a kilometer from Banjara Darwaza of the Golconda Fort. These tombs are said to be the oldest historical monuments in Hyderabad. The uniqueness of the tombs lies in the fact that they are the only tombs in the world where the entire dynasty has been buried at one place.


Mecca Masjid is located at a stone's throw from the Charminar. The Masjid is so named because the building blocks were brought from Mecca to build the central arch. The Qutub Shahi started building the mosque, which was completed later by Aurangzeb in 1694.


This museum is one of the largest collections of antiques by one man - Mir Yousuf Ali Khan, Salar Jung III. The display includes Persian carpets, Mughal miniatures, Chinese porcelain, Japanese lacquer ware, famous statues like the Veiled Rebecca and Marguerite and Mephistopheles, daggers belonging to Queen Noor Jahan and the Emperors Jahangir and Shah Jahan, Aurangzeb's sword and many other fabulous items.

Local Attractions: Corporate

Boulder Hills Golf and Country Club

There's nothing more elegant to watch in the world of sport than a great game of golf. For many aficionados, this is not a leisurely pursuit but a higher calling; a lifelong obsession chasing perfection. Golf courses around the world reflect this passion for the game. The best among them combine natural beauty with a crafty layout, creating a magnificent atmosphere. Boulder Hills in Hyderabad is one such world-class golf course. Designed by Peter Harradine, this 18-hole championship course is a joint project by Emaar Properties, MGF and Andhra Pradesh Infrastructure Corporation. Boulders Hills is a lot more than a great golf course. It boasts of some of the finest event venues as well – whether you are celebrating a grand wedding or a private get-together, there's no better place to play host.

Local Attractions: Fun & Leisure

Hussainsagar Lake

This is Hyderabad's most popular boating and water sports location. The biggest attraction here lies in the middle of the lake - the world's tallest monolithic statues of Lord Buddha on the 'Rock of Gibraltar'.


A taste of the desert of Rajasthan in Hyderabad. A typical Rajasthani village setting recreated in its entire rustic ambience and charm. Located at Kompally on Medchal Road, the theme park offers camel rides, puppet shows, folk dances and authentic Rajasthani cuisine.

Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film City (RFC) is the world's largest integrated film studio complex at over 2,000 acres. It housing some of the world's most sophisticated film equipment and breathtaking sets, along with natural and artificial attractions. A must-visit attraction, RFC provides tourists and the film fraternity 3-star and 5-star accommodation, along with guided tours.

Shopping Delight for Delegates

Shopping in Hyderabad is a lifetime experience. The bazaars, especially around the quaint Charminar as a mix of ancient, medieval and modern character, with endless items to offer. The city offers everything from antiques to handicrafts to jewelry, from dresses to leather goods to pearls and semi-precious stones. Various art forms and traditional crafts from Ikkat weaving to puppetry are special to Andhra's Tradition. Collection of such traditional arts and crafts is available in many emporia, Government and private. For those who want to satiate their fashion needs, the city has a wide range of high-end fashion malls sporting the top international brands.


Indian handicrafts have made a name for themselves the world over. Ancient skills have been honed to perfection by craftsmen who have learnt the trade from their fathers, as did their fathers before them. This tradition continues over the centuries, safeguarding the wide and varied artistic wealth of India. Each region of India abounds in handicrafts reflecting the genius of its local craftsmen. Andhra Pradesh in the south has the distinction of having all important categories of handicrafts practiced in their traditional locations spread over different parts of the state.


Shilparamam is an arts and crafts village showcasing various art forms and handicrafts of various artists from all over the State. Shilparamam plays host to myriad traditions of arts and crafts of the country and brings to limelight the cultural and artistic traditions from every nook and corner of the country and is a unique opportunity to take home a piece of India.

Cultural Centres

Taramati Baradari

Taramati Baradari is a palace located near Gandipet lake that was built under the seventh Sultan of Golconda, Abdullah Qutb Shah as an ode to his favorite courtesan, Taramati. It is celebrated as an amalgam of the romance and grace of the middle ages. The baradari with 12 doorways were to allow cross ventilation, considered to be the most ingenious technique at the time.

Chowmohalla Complex

One of the heritage buildings in Hyderabad. The Chowmohalla Complex was built by the Nizam's between 1857 and 1869. The complex comprises four single-storied palaces in Mughal and European styles, with the exception of the main palace, which is double storied.

Falaknuma Palace

Falaknuma Palace is one of the finest palaces in Hyderabad. It is located in Falaknuma, 5 km. from Charminar, and was built by Nawab Vikar-ul-Umra, the then Prime Minister of Hyderabad. Falaknuma literally means "Star of Heaven" in Urdu.

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