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Ravi Gupta

Ravi Gupta MedGenome Labs Pvt. Ltd, India

Ravi did his PhD in Computer Science from IIT Roorkee where he focussed on application of machine learning techniques in computational biology. He published several papers on protein and DNA classification during his PhD. In 2008 he joined Davuluri's lab at The Wistar Institute, Philadelphia, USA for his post-doctoral work in the area of Next-Generation Sequencing applications. The major focus was on deciphering usage of alternative promoters and spice-forms/transcripts in early development, different tissues/cell types and cancer. He worked extensively in development of pipelines/tools/resources for ChIP-seq, RNA-seq, Small RNA-seq analysis.

He published more than 10 peered-reviewed papers in his post-doctoral covering different topics of bioinformatics. In less than 3 years he was promoted to Staff Scientist. In 2011 december he joined SciGenom to lead the bioinformatics department where he developed tools, pipeline and databases for various NGS applications. He published first peered-review paper on Indian whole genome as lead author. In May 2014 he joined Medgenome to head the bioinformatics division. He has developed several automated tools, databases and pipelines for clinical applications. His major research interests are genomics, transcriptomics, cancer genomics and tool development for clinical and other applications.

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