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Dr. Vinay  Tergoankar

Vinay Tergoankar IMCB, Singapore

Vinay Tergaonkar obtained his Ph.D. (2001), from National Center for Biological Sciences, Bangalore. During his graduate studies he was awarded an international cancer society (UICC) fellowship for collaborative research at Tufts University, Boston, USA. He has been a fellow (2001-2004) and a special fellow (2004-present) of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of America and conducted his postdoctoral studies at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, La Jolla, California. He joined IMCB in late 2005 as Principal Investigator (Assistant professor) and became a Senior Principal Investigator (Associate professor) in 2010 and Research Director (Professor) in 2015. He holds adjunct appointments at 1) Department of Biochemistry (NUS) 2) National Cancer Center, Singapore and 3) Singapore Eye Research Institute. He has been invited to speak at various international venues and meetings such as the Barossa and Hunter valley meetings in Australia, Genes and Cancer meeting in UK, The Argentine Pharmacological society meeting in Buenos Aires, Aichi and Japanese Cancer Society meetings in Japan and the Keystone Symposia. He serves on Editorial Boards of 1) Biochemical Journal (Portland Press) 2) Critical Reviews in Oncology/Hematology (Elsevier Press), 3) BMC Research Notes (Biomed Central) 4) Telomeres and Telomerase and 5) Molecular and Cellular Biology (ASM from 2016). He has received international recognition for his work including the British council development award (2014) and the Premiers’ fellowship from Government of South Australia (2015).

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