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Dr. Yogesh  Souche

Yogesh Souche Scientist G, National Center for Cell Science (NCCS) & Principle Investigator, Microbial Culture Collection, Pune, INDIA

Dr. Yogesh started his career as scientist National Centre for Cell Science (NCCS) in Pune, India. After working on different aspect of microbial, especially bacterial diversity of various ecological niches, his thrust area of research is now to understand succession of microbial communities in human gut during development and their role in health and diseases. He is working since 25 years in the field of microbial ecology, microbial molecular taxonomy and biodiversity; published more than 150 publications in journals of relevant area; reviewed publications in International journals like FEMS Ecology, International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology and Microbial Ecology. He is also on Editorial board of prestigious journals like Current Science, European Journal of Soil Biology, PlosOne and Scientific Reports.

In 2009, he was given a responsibility of establishment of Microbial Culture Collection (MCC). MCC currently holds more than 150,000 bacteria and fungi in its collection recognized by WFCC (World Federation of Culture Collection). MCC is also recognized as International Depositary Authority (IDA). Dr. Yogesh now heads large group of researchers at MCC including 30 Scientists and Technicians.

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