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Keynote Speakers

  • Dr. Vineeta Bal Dr. Vineeta Bal National Institute of Immunology
  • Esteban González Burchard Dr. Esteban González Burchard University of California, San Francisco
  • Dr. Mammen Chandy Director, Tata Medical Center, India
  • Dr. Ivan Dikic Uni. of Frankfurt, Germany
  • Dr. JP Khurana Dr. JP Khurana University of Delhi, India
  • Dr. Basuthkar Rao TIFR, India
  • Dr. Sachdev Sidhu Uni. of Toronto, Canada
  • Stephen Turner Dr. Stephen Turner
  • Dr. Rajeev Varshney ICRISAT, India
  • Dr. Alfred Wittinghöfer Max Planck Institute of Molecular Physiology, Germany


  • Dr. Niyaz Ahmed Dr. Niyaz Ahmed University of Hyderabad, India
  • Dr. Babu Azariah Dr. Babu Azariah Tea Research Association, India
  • Dr. R. Chandra Babu Dr. R. Chandra Babu TNAU, Coimbatore, India
  • Dr. Analabha Basu NIBMG
  • Dr. Beena PS Dr. Beena PS SciGenom Labs Pvt Ltd
  • Dave  Berger Dr. Dave Berger Professor, Department of Plant Sciences, FABI
  • Dr. Suchi  Bhatt Dr. Suchi Bhatt Illumina
  • Dr. Chattopadhyay
  • Dr. Chunaram Choudhary Uni. of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Dr. Dhinoth SciGenom Labs Pvt Ltd
  • Dr. Christoph Dehio Uni. of Basel, Switzerland
  • Dr. Alex  Dickinson Dr. Alex Dickinson Illumina Inc
  • Dr. Marcel Dinger Garvan Institute of Medical Research
  • Dr. Mukesh  Doble Dr. Mukesh Doble IIT Madras, India
  • Dr. Volker  Dötsch Dr. Volker Dötsch Uni. Of Frankfurt, Germany
  • Dr. Laurence  Dubrez Dr. Laurence Dubrez Uni. of Dijon, France 
  • Dr. Amit  Dutt Dr. Amit Dutt ACTREC, India
  • Dr. Zvulun Elazar Dr. Zvulun Elazar Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
  • Dr. Andreas Ernst Uni. Of Frankfurt, Germany
  • Dr. Anupama Gaur ION Torrent
  • Dr. Arkasubhra Ghosh GROW Research Laboratory, Molecular Signalling and Gene therapy, India
  • Dr. Harsha Gowda IOB, India
  • Dr. Ravi Gupta MedGenome Labs Pvt. Ltd, India
  • Dr. Arati Khanna Gupta MedGenome Labs Pvt. Ltd, India
  • Dr. Ramesh  Hariharan Dr. Ramesh Hariharan STRAND, India
  • Dr. Anne Hassan Kamineni Hospital
  • SGRF Conferences Dr. Mukesh Jain NIPGR, India
  • Dr. Sharad  Kumar Dr. Sharad Kumar Uni. of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia
  • Dr. Aundy Kumar IARI, India
  • Dr. G.  Kumarmanikavel Dr. G. Kumaramanickavel Naryana Netralaya, India
  • Dr. Ashok Gopinath Dr. Ashok Gopinath Illumina, Inc. India
  • Dr. Lakshmi Mahadevan Dr. Lakshmi Mahadevan MedGenome Labs Pvt. Ltd, India
  • Dr. S. Mahalingam Indian Institute of Technology – Madras
  • Dr. Partha P Majumder NIBMG
  • Dr. Ashwin Mallipatna Pediatric ophthalmologist at Narayana Nethralaya in Bangalore, India
  • Dr. Kianoosh MalekZadeh Hormozgan University for Medical Science (HUMS), Iran
  • Dr. Krishnakumar Menon Dr. Krishnakumar Menon Amrita Inst itute of Medical Sciences
  • Dr. Milner SciGenom Labs Pvt Ltd
  • Dr. Rakesh K Mishra Dr. Rakesh K Mishra CCMB, India
  • Dr. Zora Modrusan Dr. Zora Modrusan Genentech Inc., USA
  • Dr. V. Mohan Diabetes Specialities Centre, India
  • Dr. Krishna Mohan SciGenom Labs Pvt Ltd
  • Dr. Mitali  Mukerji Dr. Mitali Mukerji IGIB , Delhi, India
  • Dr. Utpal Nath IISc, Bangalore
  • Dr. Sanjib Kumar Panda Dr. Sanjib Kumar Panda Assam University
    (a Central University)
  • Dr. Akhilesh Pandey JHHU, India
  • Dr. Andrew Peterson Genentech Inc., USA
  • Dr. Jean Pieters Uni. of Basel, Switzerland
  • Dr. Ajay Damodaran Pillai The Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance, India
  • Dr. Pravin D Potdar Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre, India
  • Dr. Sivarama Prasad SciGenom Labs Pvt Ltd
  • Dr. S G Ramanan ApolloSpeciality Hospital, India
  • Dr. CN  Ramchand Dr. CN Ramchand Saksin Lifesciences Pvt Ltd, India
  • Dr. Devashish  Rath Dr. Devashish Rath Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
  • Dr. Milind  Rathnaparke Dr. Milind Rathnaparke Indian Institute of Soy Research, India
  • Dr. Anireddy  Reddy Dr. Anireddy Reddy Colorado State University, USA
  • Dr. V. B. Reddy SciGenom Labs Pvt Ltd
  • Dr. Attila  Remenyi Dr. Attila Remenyi Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary
  • Dr. Thomas  Rudel Dr. Thomas Rudel Uni. of Würzburg, Germany
  • Dr. Boney Kuriakose SciGenom Labs Pvt Ltd
  • Dr. Anguraj  Sadanandam Dr. Anguraj Sadanandam Institute of Cancer Research, UK
  • Dr. Samir Sawant NBRI, India
  • Dr. Hans Jörg Schild Dr. Hans Jörg Schild Uni. of Mainz, Mainz, Germany
  • Dr. Stephan C Schuster NTU, Singapore
  • Dr. M. Shekari University of Medical Sciences, Iran
  • Dr. PV Shivaprasad. NCBS, India
  • Dr. Mallika Singh Patronus Therapeutics, USA
  • Dr. Thomas  Sommer Dr. Thomas Sommer Max-Delbrück-Center for Molecular Medicine, Germany
  • Dr. Yogesh  Souche Dr. Yogesh Souche NCCS, India
  • Dr. Eric Stawiski Dr. Eric Stawiski Senior Bioinformatics Scientist at Genentech Inc., USA
  • Dr. Utpal Tatu IISc, Bangalore
  • Dr. Vinay  Tergoankar Dr. Vinay Tergoankar IMCB, Singapore
  • Dr. Seema Thakur Fortis Hospital, India
  • Dr. B K Thelma Dr. B K Thelma Uni of Delhi, India
  • Dr. Vijay Tiwari Institute of Molecular Biology, Germany
  • Dr. Ramprasad VL MedGenome, India
  • Dr. Jeff Wall UCSF, USA

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