Art Meets Science Exhibition

The 2016 NGBT meeting, as at previous NGBT meetings (2014 and 2015), will feature an art exhibition that will feature six artists blending serious Science with soothing Art.  The Art exhibition is curated by Gita who besides being an Art curator and documentarian, is an artist in her own right. 

About Gita

Trained in Art with a Masters degree in Psychology, Gita has been part of many exhibitions since early 90’s. She has been consistently showcasing her works in India and abroad, apart from doing commissioned projects for corporate. Gita's works are semi-abstract with the suggestion of a female form, architecture, musical instruments, or some combination of these elements. They simultaneously explore color, texture, line and form, not as juxtapositions or layers but as integral to one another.

Featured Artists

Murali Nagapuzha
Murali is a eminent artist from Kerala has been painting beautiful flora and fauna with enduring portraits in a profusion of colour. The distinctive feature about his paintings is liberal use of shades of green to create an outstanding piece of art work. Bell metal casting is another creative dimension of this artist.

He has widely exhibited his works in important galleries all over India and also in UAE. He has also won several awards and fellowships including the Raja Ravi Varma Birth Centenary Award, Kerala Lalithakala Akademi Award, National fellowship from Ministry of Human Resource, Senior Fellow ship from Ministry of Culture, and Pollock Krasner grant USA

Naveen Kumar
Naveen is a mural painter who lives and works from Calicut. A trained kerala Mural artist, he has exhibited his paintings in many galleries all over India.

He also came up with his own style of mural paintings in sepia and monotones. All his paintings reflect themes and stories from Hindu mythology

Ashil Antony
Ashil is a young painter from Cochin. He has a few exhibitions to his credit. He has had solo shows in Ernakulam, Bangalore and New Delhi. His works are figurative and realistic in nature. He mainly does portraitures and he has been working on a series of paintings based on Mother Teresa.

Lisa Herzeline Raphael
Lisa is a student who is pursuing her bachelors in sculpture. A native of Alapuzha, Kerala, she works with different media like wood, stone?, fibre and bronze. All her works reflect her moods and dreams and make strong statements. She has attended a few workshops on art in Kolkata and Delhi.

Sruthi S Kumar
Sruthi did her Masters in fine arts from Kerala. She has been exploring various themes in the recent years. Her painting series on dragon flies evoke a lot of curiosity. She has been participating in many group exhibitions and has attended various workshops on art all over Kerala.

Sujit is a trained mural artist living and working from Wayanad. He has explored various bases to paint murals and came up with natural materials like bamboo, wood and fabric amongst others. He has depicted motifs from traditional murals on pendants, pouches, sarees and stoles. He and his wife have studios in Kerala and Bangalore and continue to experiment on various utilitarian products.








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