About Consumer Genomics Meeting

It took ~3 billion USD and a decade to obtain the first human reference genome sequence. Since 2001, after the completion of the human genome sequencing technologies have evolved making it possible today to obtain a human genome for under 1000 USD.

The advances in genome sequencing technologies have made genetic testing for disease genes and matching patients with appropriate drugs based on their genomic information a reality. Genetic testing and treatment have been primarily driven by healthcare providers such as physicians, nurse practitioners, and genetic counselors. However, interest in personal genomics and its utility in predicting health risk, information about common traits, and ancestry have fueled the advent of direct-to-consumer (DTC) companies

At the 2019 Nextgen Genomics, Biology, Bioinformatics and Technologies (NGBT) Conference in parallel on Oct 1st, in partnership with SciGenom Research Foundation (SGRF), Premas Life Sciences Pvt Ltd and Illumina Inc is pleased to organize a dedicated event focused on "Direct to Consumer (DTC) Genomics"

The half-day event will focus on the application of consumer and healthcare genomics in the space of wellness, fitness and nutrition. It will feature talks and panel discussion involving leading players in the market. This is a unique opportunity to network and gain insights into the trends and drivers of consumer and healthcare genomics.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Mr. Thomas Patrick Klemm, Executive Segment Specialist, Human Genotyping, Asia Pacific & Japan, Illumina
  • Dr. Min Lee, CEO, Diagnomics, US/Korea
  • Dr. Eli Mrkusich, Sr. Applied Genomics Segment Manager, Asia Pacific Japan, Illumina
  • Mr. Ryan Fernando, Co-Founder & Chief Nutritionist, Qua Nutrition

For more details, please contact us
Ms Divya Singh,
Premas Life Sciences Pvt Ltd